New Year’s Resolutions to Make in the Kitchen

New Year’s Cooking Resolutions

Manageable ways to up your culinary game this year.

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions such as, ‘I want to save money this year,’ or ‘I want to lose weight and get fit.’ What many of us neglect what could be key to keeping those two common resolutions: cooking. Now that the season of feasting is over, it’s time to turn a new leaf over in the kitchen.

Make some of these New Year’s resolutions to vamp up your cooking game.

Prep on Sundays. This means planning your meals for the week ahead, taking care of grocery shopping, and doing some prep work. You can choose to cook potatoes/grains, and wash and dice fruits and vegetables. Store everything in containers in the fridge, so when the weeknights arrive, you’ll save a whole lot of time!

Sharpen your knives. This is such a simple task – but one that’s usually forgotten. A sharp knife can shave hours off your prep work time, so be sure to sharpen your knives more often.

Snack on healthy food. There are so many healthy and delicious options when you’re looking for a quick bite. Whether you opt for celery sticks, carrot sticks, or peanut butter and an apple, try to grab a healthy option instead of a muffin, cookie, or processed snack.

Eat more vegetables. Similarly to above, aim to eat more vegetables more often! They can make a great main course, are cheap to buy, easy to make, and are a much healthier option.

Read the labels. Always read the label of ingredients before you purchase a food item. You may find that there’s sneaky sodium, a whole host of preservatives, or more animal products than you want. If the ingredients go on forever for a simple pie, it would be better if you opt for something a lot healthier for yourself.

Now that you know how to easily keep your New Year’s cooking resolutions, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen.

Your friends at Apollo Insurance Services wish you a wonderful start to your New Year!

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