What Does It Take To Prepare My Home For Autumn?

Autumn can be a great time of year., The weather is getting cooler,  the leaves  are turning color,  and the kids are back in school, football season has started and you can look forward to some amazingly beautiful Fall weather. So, what do you need to do to get your home ready? Here are a few pointers to head you in the right direction:

– Since the kids are in school, now is the time to put away all the summertime toys like slides, above-ground pools, etc.

– Give your yard a serious landscaping work over. You’ll be raking leaves soon so making sure the yard is clear of rocks, debris and even small toys will make life much easier.

– Have your furnace serviced. It may not be cool weather yet, but it is definitely coming. By having your furnace serviced now, you’ll be ready to turn it on when that first brisk evening hits.

– Clean your gutters. This will ensure they’re clear before the   leaves start falling.Now is also a great time to go over your homeowners insurance policy and make sure your home is properly covered. Working with an insurance agency like Apollo Insurance Services in the Chino Hills, will give you the confidence that, if you’ve remodeled, added a pool or  made any changes,  that your insurance policy is up to date and ready for anything!

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