May I Hold That Umbrella For You? 

Umbrella Policy

When most of us think of umbrellas, we think of protection from the rain and lately here in California, we’ve been using them quite a bit. Another important umbrella, however, is one that can protect you and your family from the financial obligations of an accident or injury – a personal umbrella insurance policy.

Umbrella coverage is a relatively inexpensive way to protect the lifestyle that you enjoy. Since you may already have auto insurance and homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you may wonder if you need more coverage and if so, how much you need. Here is some food for thought if you need extra coverage:

In the event of an accident or injury that results in a judgment against you, you could be liable for any amount of the judgment beyond what your insurance will pay. Your obligation could even extend to your future earnings. The good news is that an umbrella policy will relieve those worries by covering bodily injury, property damage, other miscellaneous legal damages, and legal fees.

Let’s imagine that someone falls on your property, is injured, and files suit against you. In addition to medical expenses, you could be liable for the injured party’s lost wages and legal fees, among others. It’s easy to see how a judgment could exceed the liability limit on a homeowner’s policy. An umbrella policy would cover only the amount beyond those limits, which is why it is so affordable.

How much coverage you need depends upon your net worth. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a policy which slightly exceeds your net worth, to cover your assets and your future earnings.

If an event arises where you need the coverage, you’ll be glad you made the small investment to get it. Don’t let an unexpected rainstorm ruin your financial life. Prepare for a rainy day; carry an umbrella!

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