Traffic Tickets can be Expensive and Take a Toll on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Traffic tickets are a means of revenue for both the municipality and the state with initial fines running into the mid-hundreds, even up to $1,000, depending on the severity of the ticket. Americans get off lightly in comparison to our European counterparts. Speeding tickets have been known to reach over $200,000 for one offense. While the U.S. doesn’t punish nearly as hard as European nations, paying for traffic tickets isn’t pleasant in general. And when you do get a ticket for driving, you are at risk of seeing a hike in the cost of your auto insurance, which  can getexpensive.

It’s always best to be a responsible driver. Sure, everyone around you is driving way over the speed limit, but don’t let yourself feel like you have to be at the head of the pack by going even faster. Slow down a little bit, save yourself some gas and ignore the urge. You’ll get to where you are going safely and without the threat of a traffic ticket.. Being  a responsible driver pays off by keeping your auto insurance rates low and your money in your pocket..

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