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How Are You Celebrating Halloween?

Halloween Fun Are you ready for Halloween? With only a few days left until the spookiest holiday of the year, it’s crunch time to get all of your decorations up and solidify your trick or treating plans with your loved ones. If you have younger children and are looking for a family-friendly local event, then

Getting Ready For The Back To School Season

Back to School Safety Tips The first day of school is closer than ever, and while your children may be dreading it, you are probably excited. While helping your kids pick out the perfect backpack and lunchbox, it is vital to take some time to remember how to stay safe when picking up and dropping

Staying Safe While Having Fun Trick-or-Treating

The end of October means trick or treat fun for kids! It is important that you remember a few safety tips and guidelines while you are out with your children.. Celebrating Halloween means getting a lot of candy and trying to eat it in one night! .  This ritual usually coincides with the clocks being

It’s almost back to school time! Do you have peace of mind?

As the new school year approaches, it is helpful to assess your insurance needs. This can help you get the peace of mind you need  by knowing you are fully covered. Car Insurance If you have a teen that will be of driving age, it is time to have them put on your policy. Talk

Summer 2013: Pool Safety

Pool Safety is something you want to keep in mind with summer 2013 already here. Whether you plan to have a party or not,  it’s important to do this. Close in the Pool The first thing you should do when you have a pool is ensure that it is closed off. This could either be