Summer 2013: Pool Safety

poolPool Safety is something you want to keep in mind with summer 2013 already here. Whether you plan to have a party or not,  it’s important to do this.

Close in the Pool

The first thing you should do when you have a pool is ensure that it is closed off. This could either be with a screened in patio or with a fence around the yard. Either way, you need to ensure that there are locks on the entrance to the patio or fence to keep out unwanted intruders. With this, gate alarms are also nice because it lets you know when someone has come near the pool.

Safety Covers

Safety Covers are important when you are not in the pool. This will not only keep kids out of the pool when they should not be there but will also keep out debris. Just be sure you go with a lockable cover.

Underwater Alarm

When you are having a family BBQ or simply staying at the house, it is good to be aware when someone gets into the pool. This can help you to know right away when a child has entered a pool. This can help to save a child’s life.  .

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