Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Tis the season to be on the road!  Holiday festivities include shopping around town,  driving to parties and open houses,  and traveling to visit friends and family.  Here are some holiday traveling tips to get you to and from your destinations safely.

  1. Inspect your vehicle.  Check oil, filters, breaks, hoses, fluids, wipers, lights, tires etc.
  2. Make sure you know how to get to your destination. Map the route before you leave to familiarize yourself with  the highways you will be traveling on.
  3. Keep your family together.  Take your children to the restroom when you stop.   Remind them never to talk to strangers.
  4.  Keep your roadside assistance  Information handy.
  5. Make sure your cell phones are fully charged and with you all the time.

Apollo Insurance Services wishes you safe holiday travels. We serve Chino Hills, California and the surrounding areas.  Contact us if you need a quote, any policy changes, or have any questions.

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