Review your RV insurance before visiting these camp sites!

Traveling in an RV can be a great experience. If you are planning a trip to Southern California in an RV, then it is good to know a few campsites you can visit as well as the importance of RV insurance.

RV Insurance- How Important is it really?

Many people think they can simply use their auto insurance in the event that there is an issue with the RV while camping. The truth is that this generally will not cover the loss because RV expenses are significantly more than an auto. It also gives you the ability to go on vacation without the worry that something will happen to your RV.

Top Campgrounds in Southern California

Doheny State beach is nice if you want to take your family to the ocean. There is a section for daytime visitors and other for those who will stay overnight. Another great option for a fun camping experience is Los Alamos Campground. The fee is minimal and it is located on Pyramid Lake where you can enjoy jet skiing, fishing, swimming and more.
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