Pets Are People Too! Make Sure They’re Insured!

To many people, pets are more than loud barking noises in the middle of the night or furry shadows that sneak around corners when you least expect it. They’re family. And, in some cases, they’re our best friends. We want the best, healthiest and most enjoyable life for them as we want for our children. What most people don’t realize is that our pets are not covered in any way by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

While we realize that pets are an expense, from food to toys to vet’s bills, we tend to not think much about expensive vet bills. Granted, we take spaying and neutering as well as flea treatments and rabies vaccinations as part of the cost of pet ownership. However, pets do have accidents, get injured and can become ill, which can lead to some truly amazing veterinary bills. Health care expenses for a pet can easily rival health care expenses for a human.

When you consider pet insurance coverage as you would health care coverage, it makes a lot more sense. Apollo Insurance Services in Chino Hills CA area knows how you feel about your pet and knows that getting you the best insurance for your pets is just as important to their well-being. Talk to  one of our knowledgeable licensed consultants today and make sure your best friends are protected with their very own “health insurance”.

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