Drop, Cover and Hold On: Earthquake Insurance Basics Every Californian Should Know

Earthquakes strike often and without warning in California, which has an average of 10,000 seismic events per year. Whether you live in San Diego or Eureka, don’t be caught off guard by the next tremblor, because in California, it’s not a matter of if an earthquake strikes, but when and how large it will be.

Want a Safer Home? Consider these Inexpensive Fixes

Home improvement: It’s a never-ending process for many people, and for those of us who aren’t necessarily handy, it can be a hassle, too. But there are plenty of simple maintenance tasks and other improvements you can handle to make your home safer – whether you’re handy or not. And you won’t have to break

Should you buy a new or used car?

Before you decide whether to buy a new or used car, it’s important to consider the reasons you’re making the purchase. If you’re simply looking for an economical mode of transportation, a used car may be an option. Price isn’t everyone’s top priority; however, many buyers are willing to pay extra for a car that’s

Smart Landscaping Tips to Help Protect Your Property from Wildfires & Mudslides

Wildfires are now becoming year-round threats especially in California and other drought-ridden areas in the West. Here are a few hardscaping tips to help protect your property from fires. 1. Establish Fire-Safe Zones One way to help stop fire from spreading to your home is to create barriers in your property that make it hard

Bleisure Travel 101

One of the most common travel trends right now is “bleisure.” This is a mix of a business trip with a leisure trip. What this means is travelers are sent somewhere for business by their job, and then they extend their trip for their own leisure. If you’re lucky enough to combine a work trip