Night Driving: Tips For Safety

getty-medium-getty-3698-164606276-jpgDriving at night can be a challenge for some people, but others seem to prefer it. Regardless of your situation, driving at night does pose more hazards than daylight driving because of a reduced visibility radius. Other factors that can make driving at night more difficult include rain, fog and even snow and icy conditions. Here are some ways you can improve your visibility at night as well as improving how well others can see you:

– Install and use fog lights, especially if you live where fog is a constant issue. These enable you to see further and also “lights up” your vehicle as well.

– If your car is a few years old, your headlight bezels may be yellowed and foggy. This cuts down on the available light getting to the road. A headlight restoration kit, available at any auto parts store and big box retailers and a few minutes of your time can bring these back to showroom perfect.

– Make sure all of your marker lights, blinkers and all brake lights are working properly. These enable other drivers to see your car much easier at night.

– Change out headlights for either halogen headlights or LED’s these distribute light further down the road enabling you more time to react.

Unfortunately, regardless of the precautions we take, sometimes things still happen. It’s important to have adequate auto insurance coverage.  Check with  Apollo Insurance Services in Chino Hills, California. You want to take all the precautions possible when driving at night and insurance is simply one of those necessary precautions.

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