July is National Picnic Month! Use These Tips to Enjoy It

July is National Picnic Month! Use These Tips to Enjoy It

These tips can help you make the most of National Picnic Month this July.

When was the last time you enjoyed a picnic? There’s something so enjoyable about savoring a delicious meal al fresco, and a picnic gives you the chance to do just that surrounded by your favorite scenery. The trick to pulling off a perfect picnic is to pack properly. Here are a few tips worth using during National Picnic Month this July.

  • Be prepared. Don’t pack your tasty lunch in an unsavory environment. Wash your cooler out with dish soap and water, and let it completely dry before you pack up. While you wait for your cooler to dry, pop any items you plan to bring on ice (including drinks) in the fridge. If they’re pre-cooled, the ice you pour over them will have an easier job.
  • Ice it right. On that note, your food and drink items should go in the cooler first, then get covered with ice. A layer of ice on top will hold in the chill. Pack the items you plan to use last (e.g. dessert) at the bottom of the cooler so that you don’t have to disrupt the contents of your cooler while digging for what you need, exposing more than necessary to the warm air. To further preserve the chill, keep your cooler closed and out of the sun as much as possible.
  • Bring non-food essentials. Don’t get so caught up in curating your menu that you forget about other must-haves like sunscreen and bug spray. Or, if you want to take a different approach, make sure you include a large umbrella and citronella candles.

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