It’s almost back to school time! Do you have peace of mind?

B2SAs the new school year approaches, it is helpful to assess your insurance needs. This can help you get the peace of mind you need  by knowing you are fully covered.

Car Insurance

If you have a teen that will be of driving age, it is time to have them put on your policy. Talk to your insurance carrier to find out if they will qualify for a good student discount. With this, consider enrolling them in a driver safety course, either during or afterschool to receive a discount. It may also be helpful to shop around with us for the best price when you add a teenage driver to your policy.

Homeowners Insurance

As parents, it is hard to watch your kids leave the house, but if you’re teen is heading away to college you want to make sure they are prepared.  Double check that the items they take with them to the dorm will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Keep in mind that each plan covers a little something different so you will have to look at the details. If the coverage is not adequate, then you can always shop for additional insurance to cover this.

To find out more and get ready for the new school year, contact Apollo Insurance Services today.

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