It can Wait: Teen Driving Safety and Texting

Did you know that in 2011, 1.3 million crashes involved cell phones?  This accounted for 23% of auto collisions that year.  Text messaging also increases your chance of a crash by 23 percent.  For teens, the problem is rampant; thirteen percent of drivers aged 18-20 involved in collisions admit to dealing with their mobile device at the time of the wreck.

There are some apps out there that can help!  Some, like Textecution, will stop the ability to text with a phone when the device is moving faster than 10 Miles per Hour.  A manual override with an administrator password will disable this ability.

Others, like AT&T drive mode, will automatically send a custom auto reply to an incoming text.  After you manually enable the app, it will also disable incoming and outgoing calls as well as web browsing.

A third option is which will read texts and emails out loud in real time, in case you still want access to your messages for emergency purposes.

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