Get an Umbrella Policy for National Umbrella Day

getty-medium-getty-3698-164568695-jpgOn February 10, 2014, one of the most useful objects ever invented will be celebrated: the umbrella.  In a rainstorm, shelter is provided through this “shadow,” which is shaped like a flat-topped rounded flower.  Life’s storms can require protection from loss in the form of a personal umbrella insurance policy.  Consider the most important reasons to carry this important form of insurance coverage.

  • Affordability – Millions of dollars in liability insurance can be acquired for $25-$50 per month.  Individuals and businesses are wise to consider carrying significant amounts of liability insurance.
  • Augment auto and home – Increasing policy limits is more expensive than carrying a large umbrella liability insurance policy.  Injuries to third parties can require large payments for medical bills and other compensation.
  • Risk of litigation – Lawsuits are prevalent in our litigious society.  Protecting your personal assets is essential.  Legal expenses can be underwritten through this type of policy.

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