Earthquake Insurance: What’s Covered?

Living in California means that you live with the possibility of an earthquake hitting at any time. It’s in your best interest to  purchase coverage for this type of natural disaster.  But, before you do this, you will need to determine the types of earthquake insurance coverage that are offered in your area.

Many forms of earthquake insurance cover:

  • Your home’s structure
  • Additional living expenses
  • Contents in your home

There are millions of homeowners who do not purchase earthquake insurance because  it is expensive. Due to this, many people lose everything and have to start rebuilding everything from scratch. As far as earthquake insurance premiums are concerned,   the cost can vary drastically because of the home’s location, the age of the home and the construction type.

In order to save money, it will be in your best interest to shop around. Keep in mind that the lowest price does not guarantee the best possible service or needed coverage that you may require for your home. Aside from the price, you will need to consider the type of coverage and the amount of time that the coverage is offered for.

For more information regarding earthquake insurance coverage and  to request a quote, contact Apollo Insurance Services.

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