Do I Need Mortgage Protection Insurance?

If you’re buying a home and have a mortgage, not only do you need homeowners insurance but you should also make sure you have some type of mortgage insurance protection policy in place as well. While homeowners insurance is designed to protect you in the event something happens such as an accident in the home where a visitor is injured, against fire and theft, or even some other natural disasters, mortgage protection insurance goes even further.

Essentially, mortgage protection insurance is a life insurance policy with added depth. While it will pay off your mortgage if you die, mortgage protection insurance can also kick in if you lose your job, become disabled or severely injured. This not only provides protection for you, but your family as well since, as everyone knows, life happens. If you live in the Chino Hills, CA area, give Apollo Insurance Services a call and see what additional benefits you can enjoy with a mortgage protection insurance policy. If something were to happen, both you and your family will appreciate the foresight.

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