Make the Most of a Classic Car Show 

Classic car show tips

As the weather warms, you’re likely to start seeing announcements for classic car shows.

Some people attend classic car shows as spectators to check out unique and rare vehicles. Others go to connect with fellow car buffs or to show off their prized possession. And some attend shows to shop or to sell.

Whether you’re planning to shop, sell, show, or just go, here are some tips for making the most of a classic car show.

  • Family fun. Larger classic car shows typically feature entertainment, food vendors, raffles and more. Bring the whole family for a day of fun.
  • Plan. Take note of the event schedule, plan before you go, and make sure you’re aware of the hours for check-in.
  • Be the early bird. If you’re entering your automobile in a competition, sign up early. Most are limited to a certain number of entries, and it’s usually first come, first served.
  • Know the value.  If you are planning to sell or buy, you must be well versed on the value of the vehicle and the market conditions. Buying or selling a car—especially a classic—can be an emotion-driven experience. Knowing the facts is essential to get the right deal.
  • Need parts? Some larger car shows also feature a swap meet. Before you go, research the show and take note of car accessories and parts you might need.
  • Get some rest. Larger car shows can sprawl for miles upon miles. Make sure you’re rested, hydrated, and fed so you have plenty of energy for a long day of roaming.
  • Pack a bag. Be prepared to get the most out of the day by bringing along what you might need for the weather – such as a hat and sunscreen – and for your basic needs – from water to snacks.

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