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How Efficiently (or Inefficiently) Do You Use Your Heat?

Many homeowners in California see their energy bills each winter and think, “How can I be spending this much when the house isn’t even that warm?” To get an answer to that question, you should start with some other questions that will help determine just how efficiently you’re heating your home. Where is the warm

Your “Burning Love” Should Not Ignite the House

What could be better for creating that perfect romantic Valentine’s Day mood than a favorite dinner at home, gazing out at that moonlit ocean or mountain range by candlelight? But be careful with those candles so that you don’t ignite something you don’t intend! Take these tips from the National Candle Association on how to

All You Need Is Love and Insurance for the Ring

Love-smitten consumers spend billions of dollars annually on engagement rings, necklaces and wedding jewelry. And while such jewelry has long been a visible symbol of love, unfortunately, it also is visible to those with more corrupt motives—namely, thieves. Here’s some good news: Jewelry is covered under most homeowners and renters insurance policies. However, most policies

How Safe Are Your Valuables?

Think fast – your tax return from 2015, where is it? How about your grandmother’s diamond watch? Is it in a secure place? Having a home safe means that not only are important documents and valuables protected from fire and theft, but that you also know exactly where they are when you need them. But,

5 Dos and Don’ts of Flying a Drone

Did you get a new drone for Christmas or Hanukah or know someone who did? Drones are exploding in popularity and so are the news stories about someone flying too close to a commercial aircraft or shooting down a drone. These are real incidents, but with these five dos and don’ts of drone operation, you