4 Important Fireplace Safety Tips

A lot of people will be using their fireplaces to heat their homes and set a festive mood during the  holiday season. Unfortunately, using a fireplace  can also increase the chance of  a home fire. . Here are four fireplace safety tips to practice every year:

1: Have your fireplace cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. A chimney sweep can clean out the built-up creosote that causes a fire in the chimney. They can also remove obstructions and address chimney problems before you build a fire.

2: Use seasoned hardwoods in your fireplace. Green wood (wood that has just been cut and hasn’t completely dried out yet) will produce more creosote in your chimney. Stick to dense  hardwoods to produce a good fire.

3: Never put flammable objects near your fireplace. While you love sitting close to a fireplace to enjoy the warmth, one errant spark that pops out of the fireplace can set your furniture on fire. Keep furniture, drapery, rugs and holiday decorations away from the fireplace opening.

4: Install glass doors or a wire metal mesh screen in front of the opening. Sometimes you can’t be in the room and attending the fireplace when you are cooking meals in the kitchen or are outside gathering more firewood. Have a wire metal mesh screen or glass doors (or both) installed in front of the firebox opening to prevent sparks from popping out. For more information about fireplace safety or to find out more about homeowners insurance, please contact Apollo Insurance Services at 800-426-1088

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