Bring The Holiday Magic to your Home

Is it your turn to host the holiday gathering? Maybe you just look forward to the joy of the season, with all the sparkling decorations and twinkling lights. With a little imagination you can make your home festive and welcoming. Here are some creative, affordable ways you can make your home look magical without breaking

Thanksgiving Fires

At this time of year there are countless people like us feverishly preparing for a rite of passage:  hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. While it’s great to cook and host family from time to time, there’s something extra intimidating about preparing the quintessential meal of the year. How to manage preparing a turkey, stuffing,

Tips Every Rideshare Driver Should Know

Rideshare. It’s a wildly popular and relatively new industry that’s changing the way we think about transportation. Millions of people have become rideshare drivers, and even more have used their incredibly convenient services. Here’s one way to illustrate its astronomical impact: If you add up all the Uber® trips taken in the past five years,

Staff Spotlight – Meet Roland Taylor

Roland is our Business Analyst. What’s that, you ask? Well, you can say Roland is a man who wears many hats. He’s involved in the day-to-day operations of Apollo and supports the entire team with their technology needs. Roland also oversees many projects and activities and determines process improvements so that our agency is more

4 Ways to Help Pets In Case of a Wildfire

You’ve got an emergency plan for your family in case a wildfire forces you to live without power, or worse, evacuate your home. (If not, learn how to create one at But, what about planning for your pets? They’re likely to be frightened and in need of some special care. Here are four tips