How to Help Prevent Heat Stroke

Did you know that extreme heat has killed more people in recent years than all other natural disasters combined?1 Between 1999 and 2009, there were an average of 658 heat-related deaths per year in the United States.2 While warmer weather means more outdoor activities for many, knowing how to prevent overheating and how to identify

It’s Boating Season

Every summer, our team gets calls from customers after a fun weekend on the water takes a turn for the worse. Often, these accidents could have been prevented with just a few simple precautions. Here are a few tips we like – courtesy of our partners at Safeco.   Don’t let an accident wreck your

6 Safety Tips for Amusement Park Fun

The kids are itching to go someplace exciting for summer vacation and nothing fits the bill like an amusement park – a classic staple of American fun. However, unless you take some safety precautions, an amusement park or water park can also be stressful or even dangerous. So, brush up on these safety tips before

4 Tips to Help Cut Road Trip Costs

There’s no better way to see the country than a road trip, and it’s also the way to travel if you’re looking to keep costs under control. To that end, here are a few ideas to help ensure you have a frugal good time out there on the road. Cut your gas costs. Planning your

Put the top down and hit the road

The call of the open road is at its strongest during the summer – and so is the call of the convertible. If you’re one of those drivers who has long dreamed of dropping the top and heading across California and beyond, we here at Apollo Insurance Services have some buying tips for you. And