Low Cost Home Updates

Update your home without emptying your wallet The holidays are just around the corner which usually means you’ll be planning to host holiday parties and family gatherings. Of course you want your home to look its best for your guests. But with all the expense of holiday parties and presents, you most likely don’t want

The Dangers of Night Driving

A little extra caution can go a long way while driving at night Fall has arrived and daylight savings has ended and with that longer nights mean increased danger on the roads. You might think you drive just as well at night, but consider this: Even though nighttime driving accounts for just 23% of vehicle

Porch Lights and Home Security

Leaving your lights on — is it really a good way to keep burglars away from your home, or can it actually attract them? Or, is it just a “good” way to increase your electricity bill? As with so many questions in life, there isn’t one “right” answer. Using lights to enhance your home security can

Can I Get Insurance for This?

You can buy insurance for just about anything. There are the usual suspects, such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance and renters insurance, but that’s just the beginning. It goes way beyond that for some people. For example, did you know you can buy insurance to protect yourself in the event there’s a zombie

It’s Wildfire Season – Are You Prepared?

Wildfires are one of the biggest dangers that Californians face. With hot temperatures strong winds and dry vegetation, taking the right steps to prepare and protect your house from a wildfire can help to make sure that it’s still standing when the flames die down. Keep these wildfire safety tips in mind so you know what